Highlights in Manchester (Part2)

By Julia Nazzareno, Paris School of Business, France 

Previously in Highlights in Manchester (Part 1), I talked about a few places that I love eating at and that I am going to miss very much when I go back home. Now, as promised, here is the sequel to the first article which will hopefully ensure you have the best time in Manchester and you do not miss any great spot. 

First stop, the University! Now, I know it is easy to say and that it is a place that rimes with work, studying and assignments but this is probably the most beautiful school I have ever seen to be honest. You should really take time to explore it and visit the Museum as well. It is a place full of knowledge and it triggers your curiosity and admiration for our long History (stop by Christie’s Bistrot when you are done, it is a good excuse for hot chocolate too).

Then, I think my favourite place to wander around is the city centre. It is full of shops and cafés. And If you are lucky, it will be sunny which makes it ten times better as you can sit on a bench and enjoy the Town Hall or St Anne’s view. Also, if it is not sunny, you can always go to the Arndale Centre which is a mall where there is pretty much everything you need (food, shopping and food again). Maybe go to King Street if you want London vibes too.

Remember when I talked about The café at the Cathedral ? Well you need to visit the actual Cathedral nearby. It is very pretty inside, especially the giant organ. The surroundings of this part of Manchester really reminds me of Brittany in France, it is very authentic and traditional.

When I came to Manchester, the first thing I wanted to do was to visit the John Ryland’s Library which resembles Hogwarts. See the theme here ? I am all about Harry Potter, tea and cake… The entrance is free and when you go in, you don’t feel like it is 2019 anymore. It makes you want to read books and study (maybe not). 

On my way to Dumbledore’s office

If you have a free day, you ought to go to Trafford Centre! It is 30-minute bus ride (Bus 250 works well) and the place is so big and beautiful you will need the full day to truly experience it.

There you go! These are all the main highlights of my journey here in Manchester. I hope I was able to inspire you to visit this city more as it has actually great things to offer appart from just football!

“Manchester’s got everything except a beach” – Ian Brown

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