Foodguide Manchester

By Luna, Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

As you already got an overview about the city and what to do – here’s to the food lovers. You might say I like having amazing food (and you might be right with that) and Manchester offers you loads of small and independent coffee shops, restaurants and bars where you can treat yourself after working hard on your studies (or without any reason). Who needs an excuse for food?

There is food from almost every country of the world, don’t play it safe with food from your home country but try out new stuff – this is your chance! Dinner is ready …


Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, St Peter Square


Wagamama, St Peter Square


Vapiano, Corn Exchange


Fig & Sparrow, NQ


Sugar Junction, NQ


Ezra & Gil, NQ

IMG_1285 2

Ezra & Gil, NQ

IMG_0923 2

The Foundation Coffee House, NQ

The City never sleeps

By Luna Sickau, Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf (Germany)

The city that never sleeps. I know that this is what people say about New York, but Manchester can compete with this (if you know the right places to go).


42s Nightclub

There are loads of different opportunities to go out (almost every day of the week) and 42’s is my absolute favourite one. They are playing Indie and Rock music and the music scene of Manchester is not missing on the playlist. A must visit for everyone who wants to have a good time with friends and likes to dance until the night is over.


Jimmy’s Bar

Some people might not be the dancers – but in the NQ you can sit together with your new friends and have a good time without going into a club.


Oktoberfest Manchester

My German roots made me go to the Manchester Oktoberfest and we had a good time (even though it wasn’t very German and even the music was English, they tried to get the famous ‘Wiesn’ abroad – another sign for the multicultural city).


Christmas Market Albert Square

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. And I definitely fell in love with MANCHESTER CHRISTMAS MARKETS 2018. There are many different areas around the city where little stands of food, drinks and Christmas gifts present their goods – some of them try to be German as well. My favourite one is the market at the Albert Square in front of the town hall with its lovely old wooden stalls and Christmas lights.


05/11 – Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night is on the 5th of November. There are lovely bonfires and fireworks around the city and in different parks.

If you want to find out what the Britains are celebrating at this day check out


Peak District

If you need to escape the buzzing city for a day and the weather is not too bad, you should take a train from Manchester Piccadilly into the Peak District. This National Park offers you a large number of different hiking routes and little villages to visit and the view once you made it to one of the peaks is amazing and worth the walk.


Peak District

When my mum came over to Manchester for a visit, we decided to climb the Mam Tor (Hope Valley) (one of the famous peaks in the area). If you are a fan of nature and fancy a hike without the best path walks, feel free to go to the Peak District. Please wear hiking shoes or at least boots or learn from your mistakes as we did!

IMG_0951 2

Media City UK

Media City UK is a place where I love to go when I need some fresh air. You can have a walk around the area and the wind will blow your mind free. You can sit at the waterfront and enjoy the silence or have a look around the big media companies like BBC. If you go one a weekend its calm, on weekdays you’ll see business people and students.


Media City UK

In the background you can see the Imperial Way Museum which is worth a visit (in the UK you have free access to almost every museum).


St Ann’s Square

If you prefer staying in the city center there are multiple places to go. Manchester is versatile city …

IMG_1353 2

John Rylands Library

… one of the best spots (especially for Harry Potter fans) is the John Rylands Library. The building is absolutely amazing and you can feel the power of the place while you’re standing in the old halls between thousands of old books.


The Etihad Stadium Manchester City

If you’re into football you need to see a match in an english stadium. As tickets are always sold out, the secret is to go to a Champions League game! The ticket prices are affordable (at least for students) and the chance to get a ticket is relatively high. I’ve made it to matches of Manchester City twice and absolutely loved the atmosphere in the stadium – even if the fans are extremely quiet in comparison to a real german football match.


Liverpool Road

To conclude my little “What to do in Manchester”-guide one last advice. If you feel like you have seen all of Manchester – there are other cities around. I would recommend Liverpool – it is only a 1 hour train ride away from Piccadilly Station and its quite different to Manchester.

Manchester – the global city

By Luna Sickau, Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

When you’re going abroad, you always inform yourself about the place which is your home for a couple of month. You may google it, check the wikipedia entry or ask your friends and family. You may also visit the city before you’re even decide to apply for a university exchange. But you’ll never know if you made the right choice before you start living in the city and start to live a daily life there. If you’re reading this and already know that you will come to Manchester – CONGRATULATIONS! You made the right choice.

My name is Luna, a 21-year-old girl from Düsseldorf (Germany) and decided to come to the University of Manchester before finishing my bachelor class of Social Science at home. I fell in love with this amazing city one year ago, when I made in internship in Manchester for a month in the summer of 2017.

Now, more than a year later I am finally back and able to experience Manchester for half a year. I am living in a private flat, shared with international students (I would always recommend staying in a private house rather than living in a small and expensive student accommodation) and I want to give some insights of my daily life and the tell you how it is to be a part of this vibrating city – the city of Manchester.

Manchester is a colourful and busy city with endless opportunities and places to go. Since the day of my arrival, I felt welcome, accepted and appreciated. You’re never alone and even if you feel so, there are so many places to go (in Uni and everywhere else in the city). The people here are friendly, open and helpful (even though I was a bit confused that the bus driver called me ‘love’ on the first day).

The organisation of the University was brilliant, I already got loads of information at home and the welcome week is a must for everyone who’s coming over for their studies. Luckily, I found my two besties on the first day of the welcome week during a campus tour and we started to go to events and parties during freshers week. After spending the first days (and nights) in the city, you’ll get to know other students and the most popular places to go. Even if you experienced the freshers flu week (week 2), it is easy to catch up with your courses and the teachers and tutors are willing to help students if there are individual problems. At the beginning I was a bit confused because of my timetable (as I didn’t have as many courses as I normally have at home), but the workload might be higher than at home and before the first due dates after reading week, you’re happy to have enough time to focus on essays and catching up with readings.

Enough of first impressions – the next post will have loads of photos and tips where to go and what to do. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME IN MANCHESTER!


Northern Quarter


St Peters Square


University in September


The University of Manchester


Oxford Road

All photos made by myself, please do not copy or use.

A Month Left

As I sit in Kro Bar, a cozy restaurant/bar that has easily become one of my favourite spots in Manchester, two men sit down at the end of the table next to me.  My interest was piqued at the mention of research grants.  It appears to be an interview about some type of research job.  There’s a mention of biology, biophysics, gene regulation, cancer, cell behaviour.  The older man starts talking about what his lab at Yale is like.  I listen to their conversation, unable not to.

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Manchester, You’re Wonderful.

I’ve been in this city for nearly a month now, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  Classes have finally started, and after attending my Contemporary Irish Poetry and Fiction class and getting the required novels, I’m super excited.  Excited to read, to learn about histories and cultures I never previously knew about, to meet more students from England and all over the world.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 3.48.38 pm

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