Day Trip to Alton Towers Resort

By Poon Yun Xuan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Hello again! It’s been almost 2 months since lessons started, and Reading Week has come and gone. Honestly, where did all the time go?? A few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to make the responsible decision to ignore our growing pile of work and visit Alton Towers Resort over the weekend. I’m such a sucker for amusement parks, so this day trip was right up my alley. In this post I’ll be taking you guys along with me on my day to the theme park!


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Studying British Law Abroad: Developments in Criminal Legal Theory

Studying British law after having been trained in Canadian jurisprudence is fascinating. As an exchange student at the University of Manchester’s School of Law, I have been thrilled to learn that many cases that I studied originally at the University of Toronto were also being taught in a British context. As it is self-evident that Canadian law is functionally built upon fundamental British cases, I have still been pleasantly surprised at the nuances between jurisdictions.

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Sorry Mom, I’ve Been Talking to Strangers

By Shannon Mahon (Villanova University, United States of America)

I am not a well-travelled person- well, not yet at least. My life has been limited to my small corner of the world in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. My social circle pre-departure closely reflected this fact- nearly all of my friends hailed from the same area, with travel history about as limited as mine. In choosing to spend my second year of university studying nursing in Manchester, I made a promise to myself.  Continue reading