Highlights in Manchester (Part2)

By Julia Nazzareno, Paris School of Business, France 

Previously in Highlights in Manchester (Part 1), I talked about a few places that I love eating at and that I am going to miss very much when I go back home. Now, as promised, here is the sequel to the first article which will hopefully ensure you have the best time in Manchester and you do not miss any great spot. 

First stop, the University! Now, I know it is easy to say and that it is a place that rimes with work, studying and assignments but this is probably the most beautiful school I have ever seen to be honest. You should really take time to explore it and visit the Museum as well. It is a place full of knowledge and it triggers your curiosity and admiration for our long History (stop by Christie’s Bistrot when you are done, it is a good excuse for hot chocolate too).

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A New Place for my English skill to “level-up”

As an exchange student from Taiwan, I once imagined the exchange to Manchester as a magic potion that makes my English skill “level-up” miraculously. After a semester, I realized that this assumption is both true and untrue. In fact, Manchester is a new place with more obstacles and more experience points. The more I know the insufficiency of my ability, the more motivated I am to try to improve myself.


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Christmas in Manchester

By Julia Nazzareno, Paris School of Business, France 

I have got some bad news… Christmas is over. The most magical time of the year is now far behind us and I have already missed a few of my resolutions… oops. Let me just say, Manchester really made an effort in bringing warmth and festive vibes to the city. I think that the Christmas Market was probably one of the highlights of my journey here in Britain. I may have eaten all the food every single night because the spirit just made me so happy. If there is one time of the year where you should spend a few days in Manchester, it is definitely during Christmas! It made every night out special as you could just wander by the shops and have an excuse to eat some candy or/and chocolate.  

Such a cosy little market
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A New Adventure Begins

By Julia Nazzareno, Paris School of Business, France

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to live in England because the culture and the Britishness fascinated me. As I grew up and visited the country a fair bit, I knew that I had to live here to truly experience the « British way of life ». So two years ago, when I was given the chance to study abroad as part of my school program, I put Manchester in my top priority list. Could there be a better dream for my younger self: come and study in England and on top of that in one of the best schools in the world ? Certainly not, and that is why I intend on making the most out of this opportunity.  

The University Main Building
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Foodguide Manchester

By Luna, Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

As you already got an overview about the city and what to do – here’s to the food lovers. You might say I like having amazing food (and you might be right with that) and Manchester offers you loads of small and independent coffee shops, restaurants and bars where you can treat yourself after working hard on your studies (or without any reason). Who needs an excuse for food?

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Manchester – the global city

By Luna Sickau, Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

When you’re going abroad, you always inform yourself about the place which is your home for a couple of month. You may google it, check the wikipedia entry or ask your friends and family. You may also visit the city before you’re even decide to apply for a university exchange. But you’ll never know if you made the right choice before you start living in the city and start to live a daily life there. If you’re reading this and already know that you will come to Manchester – CONGRATULATIONS! You made the right choice.

My name is Luna, a 21-year-old girl from Düsseldorf (Germany) and decided to come to the University of Manchester before finishing my bachelor class of Social Science at home. I fell in love with this amazing city one year ago, when I made in internship in Manchester for a month in the summer of 2017.

Now, more than a year later I am finally back and able to experience Manchester for half a year. I am living in a private flat, shared with international students (I would always recommend staying in a private house rather than living in a small and expensive student accommodation) and I want to give some insights of my daily life and the tell you how it is to be a part of this vibrating city – the city of Manchester.

Manchester is a colourful and busy city with endless opportunities and places to go. Since the day of my arrival, I felt welcome, accepted and appreciated. You’re never alone and even if you feel so, there are so many places to go (in Uni and everywhere else in the city). The people here are friendly, open and helpful (even though I was a bit confused that the bus driver called me ‘love’ on the first day).

The organisation of the University was brilliant, I already got loads of information at home and the welcome week is a must for everyone who’s coming over for their studies. Luckily, I found my two besties on the first day of the welcome week during a campus tour and we started to go to events and parties during freshers week. After spending the first days (and nights) in the city, you’ll get to know other students and the most popular places to go. Even if you experienced the freshers flu week (week 2), it is easy to catch up with your courses and the teachers and tutors are willing to help students if there are individual problems. At the beginning I was a bit confused because of my timetable (as I didn’t have as many courses as I normally have at home), but the workload might be higher than at home and before the first due dates after reading week, you’re happy to have enough time to focus on essays and catching up with readings.

Enough of first impressions – the next post will have loads of photos and tips where to go and what to do. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME IN MANCHESTER!


Northern Quarter


St Peters Square


University in September


The University of Manchester


Oxford Road

All photos made by myself, please do not copy or use.

An Amazing Semester in Manchester

Yicong Li
Tsinghua University, China

Since I became an undergraduate two years ago, I have been looking forward to participating in the exchange programme for third-year students because my university is too familiar to me. I graduated from Tsinghua Primary School and Tsinghua Middle School, and now, I am an undergraduate of art history at Tsinghua University. I have spent almost ten years in the campus of my home university, so you cannot imagine how much I want to step away from the campus and explore a new environment.

Finally, the chance came. I applied for the exchange programme at the University of Manchester. I have plenty of reasons for making this choice: I need to practice the language in an English-speaking country; I love British culture; I want to live in a city that I have never visited before; Manchester is the second-large city in Britain with convenient transportation…. And as one of the leading universities in the world, the University of Manchester will provide me with me a wide academic platform.

I did lots of things for the first time when I came to Manchester. For the first time, I received an offer from a foreign university. For the first time that I took an airplane alone. For the first time, I left my home university and my family. Then I realized that for the first time, I must face various challenges without assistance from my parents or my friends. Luckily, I can always get assistance from students and the university. When I arrived at Manchester Airport, volunteers from the university had been waiting for us at the gate. Without their assistance, I can’t imagine how long I would have spent trying to find the right route to the campus. It was also volunteers who taught me to take the bus.


As the university permits exchange students to choose course units from all disciplines, I finally chose three courses from archeology, history and cultural study. Although I love my major, I really wanted to experience other academic fields to engage in interdisciplinary study in the future. After the welcome week, I started to have lectures and seminars. I found it was not difficult to learn the course contents, but it was challenging to express my own opinions. I am not a native speaker, so I struggle with grammar mistakes and complicated referencing systems during writing essays. But after constant practice for more than ten weeks, I realize that I have improved a lot in speaking and writing. Besides, tutors are so helpful. They always listen to me with patience and encouragement, which make me gain more confidence.


I did not want to confine my experience just to the campus, so I have visited lots of British and European cities this semester. As I mentioned above, transportation is very convenient in Manchester, even though the trains are delayed sometimes. I went to London, York, Coventry, and Edinburgh. I also participated the daytrip organized by students to Windermere. The view of the lake is brilliant in autumn.


In the last two months, I also went to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Spain. I will have a two-week trip to France and Italy next month. Travelling is regarded as an important way to get the education in European history, and those museums and historical relics deeply impress me. What is more, as a fan of vintage and antique, I bought some great stuff when traveling. The 1910s gate-top purse in Art Nouveau style that I purchased in Denmark is so elaborate and beautiful.


While all students are expecting the coming of Christmas, I have mixed feelings about the holiday. After the Christmas vacation, I will come back to Beijing, and I am pretty sure that I will miss the life in Manchester. I will miss my accommodation, Whitworth Park. The beautiful triangular buildings and small gardens make me feel that I am living in a fairy tale. I will miss the libraries, where I always have a cup of coffee and enjoy the warm sunshine. I will even miss the food market in University Place because the “chicken and rice” in Vietnamese style has become my favorite food in Manchester (They do not provide the sauce now. What a pity!).


This amazing semester is going to end, but the memory will never fade away!