“I can do anything!”

By Nina Decuignierre (Lille 3 University, France)


I arrived in Manchester on 8th September, coming from Paris Beauvais airport. I will have to be honest, the goodbyes were emotional! However, I just had to remind myself I was incredibly lucky to fly to another country to study for a year, which was so overwhelming but equally exciting!

The flight was really quick, less than an hour, and there I was, taking a taxi to my new place. The trip and the fact I was dragging four bags really tired me, by the time I got to my house I was both mentally and physically exhausted, but so happy to be here!

Fairly quickly I decided I had to do something to make my new room as homely as possible, as I am more of an indoor person and I’ll be spending a lot of time in my bedroom. I had planned everything out, and transferred the photos of my wall back home in a folder and wanted to try and recreate it here. I think it works quite well!


It was then time to face the multiple responsibilities that entail moving out of the family house… And I would say that rather than a culture shock, moving out and living on my own, sharing a house with strangers was the biggest shock of all!

As I had about a week before Welcome Week, I decided to explore the campus and the centre on my own, and just getting used to the pace of the city I guess… To my surprise, I realised I would need some time to get used to the Mancunian accent! I was a bit put off at first because I am used to Southern accents, but I have to say I love it now! I’ve been to the UK quite a few times so the place doesn’t feel too β€œforeign”, which is quite comforting!

After the great fun that was Welcome Week (so many things toΒ do, and Pangaea festival was insane! See pictures above for a glimpse on my Willy Wonka themed outfit…), it was time to start 1st term. I’m studying English Language, Literature and Civilisation, which means I had to choose my modules a bit everywhere. And honestly, the lectures are so interesting, the teaching staff is great and although it’s a lot of work compared to my uni back home, I feel so happy I’m learning so many new things!

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve arrived now, and I am so happy about my life in Manchester: I’ve met great people thanks to different socials organised by societies (see below a picture of the delicious Indian food I had with the Vegan society… Still dreaming of it!), I love my course and I feel so lucky to live in such an interesting and hectic city… I’ve been exploring a bit more, and I will probably talk about my favourite places in Manchester in one of my next entries!

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