Top Tips for your time in Manchester

After reflecting on the past 5 months on my semester abroad in Manchester, I can confidently say it was the most unforgettable experience of  my life! The European travel adventures, games at Old Trafford and most importantly the friendships I made will stay with me for a long time, thanks for everything @Uni of Manchester!

Top Tips

1. Go to as many orientation/meet n greet events at the start to make loads of exchange friends, most of whom I ended up travelling Europe with

2. Fallowfield has the most sociable campus, made a lot of local British  friends there, Squirrels Bar was also fantastic especially in the earlier weeks to meet new people

3. When travelling around  the UK or Europe make sure to have planned accommodation  and flights in advance to save time, money and stress instead of doing it throughout the trip, (can work out things to do on  a day by day basis though..)


4. Most importantly enjoy the whole experience, for most of us it will be the highlight of our lives and time genuinely flys by so make sure to make the most of each day!!


Vrushabh Sekhar 

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