Making the most of the time in Manchester, despite the pandemic

By Wilhelmine, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

Well, in my dreams I imagined my time in Manchester to be a bit differently. Somehow a global pandemic wasn’t part of my imagination. But that’s how it is right know and I was and still am determined to make so most of my stay and try to do as much as possible under the current

My main advice is to make use of everything that is still offered right now and get out there. So here are my top tips for the best possible experience during this time. Hopefully it will get better next year, if that is the case these activities and places are still worth a visit, at least that is what I think…

  1. Join the International Society
    The International Society offers a wide range of online activities and it is a great possibility to get to know other people who are new to the UK or know how it feels to arrive here. I can especially recommend the weekly Tea Time on Wednesdays, which is one of the few Face-to-Face events
    still happening. It is a great opportunity to talk to people and I find it just great to have some real interaction.
  2. Make use of the free museums and galleries in the city
    Manchester offers a wide range of museums and galleries and the best bit is that most of them are for free (of course a donation is appreciated). You have to pre-book a ticket for a time slot but that is easily done on the websites. Some of the museums I visited and can highly recommend
    are the Peoples History Museum, The Chinese Centre for Contemporary Art and the Whitworth Art Gallery, which is located on Oxford Road.
  3. Explore the city
    Covid can’t stop you from walking around the city and there is so much to see. I think it’s great to walk around Deansgate Castlefield, where you can wander under the train viaducts and along the river. I can also recommend West Didsbury and the Southern Cemetery nearby. Both really beautiful places and also a bit of the beaten track. Platt Fields Park, close to Victoria Park and Fallowfield, is also a great spot for a stroll.
    And of course the Northern Quarter. You can explore great new graffiti and Street Art there all the time and discover some great independent shops and cafes.
  4. Go on a city tour with Skyliner
    Skyliner offers great alternative city tours for reasonable prices. The money also supports some foundations, so it’s definitely not wasted. They run tours every weekend and are Covid approved.

    Of course it might not seem the best time for a semester abroad, but I think you can always find some great things to do. A walk around the city is always possible. Undeniably it is harder now to get to know people, but using all online events and the few face-to-face ones is definitely a good
    idea to get into contact.

    And like everything this crisis will end eventually and until then we have to find the silver linings.

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